Although we were not as many people as we hoped for, we did have a successful 2018 General Assembly. The GA minutes as well as the updated Rules of Procedure are available on the documents page. Subsequently, we present you the major outcomes.

  1. The Alumni Network Coordination Team:
    We changed the Alumni Network Coordination to be a team of up to three IFSA Alumni being ordinary member. Respectively, the GA elected Yagmur, Laura and Dan as Alumni Network Coordinators. More information about them and how to contact them can be found on the team page.
    The Alumni Network Coordination Team’s task now is to manage the SAN as network, listen to what the SAN members would like to have or do and coordinate network activities.
  2. The Council:
    We changed the International (IFSA Alumni) Council to be a group of up to five ordinary members of the SAN that would like or are asked to provide their wisdom and assist the Board in dealing with complex decision making and financial issues regarding IFSA. There will be an open call for applications to become a Council member at the next GA.
  3. Passive members:
    We changed the passive membership so not only IFSA Alumni that cannot or don’t want to pay a membership fee can become passive members but also former IFSA Officials (people that held an IFSA official position in at least one past IFSA term) that are still active in IFSA. This shall enhance the active knowledge exchange between the SAN and IFSA.
    We look forward to receiving registrations of former IFSA Officials! Find the registration form here.
  4. Mailing list:
    Upon a GA decision, we now got the SAN mailing list set. With this, we aim for an active knowledge exchange and networking throughout the SAN.

Beyond this, we got the first two IFSA SAN flyers to being printed. They will be ready for the Global Landscapes Forum 2018! If you can’t wait to see them, feel free to sneak here. We got one flyer providing impressions from IFSA activities and one that functions as SAN membership form.