The SAN is looking for an Alumni Network Coordinator.

At the upcoming 2018 General Assembly of the IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network (SAN), the participating SAN members will elect its first Alumni Network Coordinator. This will be the most crucial position in the SAN to actually manage the Alumni Network and work out Alumni activities. It will be the position to actually make the SAN what it aims to be: A platform from IFSA Alumni for IFSA Alumni to meet and exchange experiences!

If you are an IFSA Alumnus, please consider serving the SAN as Alumni Network Coordinator. It is a three years position. In case you consider applying for the position as Alumni Network Coordinator, please send in an application letter or video explaining why you run for the position and what your goals would be. Applications can be sent in until the 19th of October.

Send in your application to president [at] support-ifsa [dot] net now!


Job description:
E.g. management of the Alumni News and mailing list; communication with Alumni what other communication channels they would like; communication with Alumni about regular Alumni meeting; establishment of an Alumni database; establishment of a collaboration between the Alumni and IFSA; getting more Alumni joining the SAN. For all this, the position holder will have as much flexibility as needed, in agreement with the SAN Board.