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IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network

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Our goal

The IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network aims to connect people, institutions and Alumni of the International Forestry Students' Association (IFSA) in support of the youth in forest and environmental sciences as well as respective policy processes. A focus is given on the national and international exchange of students and their participation at events that serve their extracurricular education and policy experience. This way, the activities of IFSA shall be supported and further developed.

  • This is the most important honorary membership I have ever received! Because it comes from the future!
    Marc Palahí
    EFI Director
  • The beauty of IFSA is not in the numbers but in the diversity, in taking the learning outside of the classroom, in connecting and being together.
    Salina Abraham
    Youth Coordinator Global Landscapes Forum
  • “The great about IFSA is that one can learn how to learn by doing.”
    Jonas Geschke
    Museum für Naturkunde Berlin - Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science
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As IFSA is an international platform for students of forest and environmental sciences to exchange experiences and ideas, the IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network is an international network of not only former IFSA members but also other supporting people and institutions.

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The members are the voice of the SAN and the financial backbone its functioning. All members regularly receive news about the highlight happenings from IFSA world and what projects former IFSA members are involved in now. Last but not least: Members support IFSA.

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