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Where does your money go to?

First, it goes to the SAN. Thereafter, the money directly supports the activities of IFSA and the establishment of the Alumni Network itself, being the basis for collaborations between IFSA and its Alumni. For details, please see below the membership form.

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Where does your money go to?

Functioning of the SAN

All income first serves the functioning of the SAN, as this is the basis to sustainably support IFSA, connect its Alumni and manage its Honorary members.

Forwarded to IFSA

Following the SAN's functioning, 50% of the rest annual budget is directly forwarded to IFSA. Here, the IFSA Board decides on what to use the money for.

Alumni Network and grants

The final rest annual budget serves the establishment of the IFSA Alumni Network. Further, the SAN may announce grants for specific IFSA purposes.