After long months of preparation, the „IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network“ was founded on the 18th of December 2017 in Bonn. Purpose of the Network is to connect people and IFSA Alumni in support of youth in forest and environmental sciences as well as respective policy processes. Sixteen founding members, both current and former IFSA members, discussed and approved the statutes and elected the first board:
Jonas Geschke, former IFSA Executive Secretary and Head of Fundraising, got elected as President. Alexander Pinkwart and Simone Herpich, both also former IFSA Executive Secretaries, got elected as Vice-President and Chief Secretary. Gregor Lanz, former IFSA Regional Representative for Southern Europe, got elected as Chief Financial Officer.

As soon as all formal registration processes are completed at the German authorities, people and IFSA Alumni can become members of the Network. Alumni will pay a minimum of 30 Euro annual membership fee, students a minimum of 15 Euro. All other people will pay a minimum of 60 Euro annual membership fee. Institutions will pay a minimum of 100 Euro per year.