How to support IFSA

The IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network (SAN) in a nutshell

Become member of the IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network

What are IFSA and the SAN?

IFSA, the International Forestry Students Association,

is a non-profit association that aims to promote better education in forest and environmental sciences. Therefore, IFSA organises local, regional and international excursions, workshops and symposia where participants can learn forest and landscapes related contents, networking and cultural understanding. Furthermore, IFSA provides its members chance to visit international policy events from the forest, climate and environmental sector. Here, IFSA empowers its youth delegates to raise up the voice of the youth and experience first-hand how policy making works.

The SAN, the IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network,

is a non-profit association that aims to bring together people, institutions and IFSA Alumni to support youth in forest and environmental sciences and respective policy processes. A focus a given to the national and international exchange of knowledge and students as well as their participation at events that serve their extracurricular education and policy experience. This way, the activities of IFSA shall be supported and further developed.

The SAN by statutes has two functions:

  1. The support of IFSA, both financially, ideationally and administratively.
  2. The establishment of an IFSA Alumni Network, in order to foster contacts between IFSA and former IFSA members.

You can support IFSA through the SAN or become part of the SAN by becoming member – both as supporting member and IFSA Alumni.

  • Support IFSA

    The SAN aims to make supporting IFSA easy:


    You can choose the amount you want to support IFSA with and transfer it with your favourite payment method. To the donation form


    We provide different services how you can support IFSA via online shopping. Further, we aim to establish a set of merchandise articles for sale. To the merchandise section


    Within German mobile networks, e.g. at events, people can send SMS in order to directly support IFSA with 3, 5 or 9 Euro. To the Charity-SMS functioning

  • Become part of the SAN

    Becoming member of the SAN means to become IFSA supporting member:

    As person (standard plan)

    Individual persons who want to support IFSA but do not have an IFSA background are warmly welcomed as supporting members.

    As IFSA Alumni

    Individual people who were member of an IFSA LC can register as IFSA Alumni and become part of the Alumni Network.

    As student

    Students that want to support the activities of IFSA get a reduced membership fee, if they submit a certificate of matriculation.

    As institution

    Supporting institutions are key players not only to support IFSA sustainably but also develop its activities.

    All members of the SAN get a range of benefits – next to receiving regular news from both IFSA and the Alumni Network, they may organise meetings to actively get in contact with each other and with IFSA. Additionally, supporting institutions may display their logo on the SAN website. To the membership form